Hey there. I’m Sharon and I’ve been running my guesthouse since 2008. I decided to turn the little house on my property into a guesthouse after staying at a similar place in Canada for the weekend. Guesthouses weren’t popular yet in the states, so business was slow for the first few years. The increasing popularity of alternative lodging has changed things significantly from when I first opened, and in a good way. It’s been a very fun journey.

I’ve lived all over the United States from Florida to Ohio to Wisconsin to New York to Southern California to Georgia then to Connecticut. And that was just my growing-up years. After going to college at Penn State, I continued to wander the US, living in Philadelphia, Santa Barbara, Portland (OR), and a variety of places in Idaho. In 2002, quite uncharacteristically, I made roots in Moscow and have now lived in Moscow far longer than anywhere else.

I have 2 wonderful children and a sweet grandson. In my spare time, I love lake kayaking, camping in my pop-up, reading, creating cool things and traveling.