What is a guesthouse?

A guesthouse is a really great alternative to a hotel or motel. It’s for travelers who prefer something a little more than the typical room containing a couple of beds facing a television. Each guesthouse is different from one another which differs significantly from the hotel industry. The uniqueness of each place adds to the travel experience. Many guesthouses are less expensive than hotels and may even have full kitchens, potentially saving you money on food costs while you travel.

Can I stay here with my hypoallergenic dog? 

I’m sorry, but no. I provide a allergen-free space for others.

What do I do when I check out?

I don’t expect you to make the bed, sweep the floor, etc. on the morning of your checkout. Please enjoy your last morning at the house. It’s a small house and takes 3 hours to clean whether you clean up or leave it as is. That being said, it is pretty helpful if you do the dishes, or at least soak them. And since I often don’t make it over to the guesthouse right away after you leave, I do like it when you keep any wet towels hung up, so they can air dry.